All air in your home or business premises needs to pass through a filter. This filtering process usually takes place every other hour. An HVAC air filter of high quality, usually installed by the Donaldson filter distributor VA and technician is able to capture all harmful bacteria, always unseen and never thought of. Harmful bacteria are one of the root causes of those coughs and viruses you may experience from time to time. It also contributes to the harmful and inconvenient accumulation of molds and dust, among other debris.

Now, more than ever before, it is necessary for you to enter into a maintenance and inspection agreement with your specialist filter distributor and installer. He will be contributing significantly towards keeping all occupants of your home or business healthy. That means less expense on visits to the doctor and subsequent medical bills. For the concerned business owner, this is also good news. This means reduced absenteeism amongst staff members due to illness that you now know could be avoided.

You are now also well placed to make savings on the amount you are spending on energy use. A well-cared for high grade HVAC system with filters working in good order contributes towards the maximization of energy efficiency. And do note that regular maintenance and inspection work from your distributor will lead to a longer lifespan for your installed HVAC system. All good so far, no? Contact your distributor and allow him to conduct his first time inspection. He will be able to advise accordingly as to what type of air filtration system suits your premises best.

Donaldson filter distributor VA

Reassuringly, a variety of products are readily available that suit a variety of industries, including yours. Also, in case of emergency repair work needed, parts and components are never in short supply.