Working from home or remote work is becoming more and more popular as people look for alternatives to the 9-5 jobs that previous generations held. While there is a need for some professions to maintain a 9-5 workday, many companies and other professions are going online and allowing employees freedom to create their own schedule and work online. One of these jobs is transcribing. This innately lends itself to remote work since the job entails listening to conversations or meetings and writing every word said down. All you need are transcription headsets, a computer, and an internet connection and you can begin working.

What are the qualities of a good transcriber?

While this can vary based on content, the basic skills necessary for transcription work are typing skills and listening skills. If you can listen carefully and make out each and every word and type quickly and correctly, then this could be the field for you. When working in medical transcription, there may be a need to understand the medical terms being used. Another skill that could elevate your work is understanding a variety of accents or being fluent in more than one language.

What equipment will you need?

Apart from the obvious, Internet and a computer, there are some other tools you can use to optimize your transcription work. Foot pedals are great tools to help you control the audio and will free up your hands to help you write faster. This needs to be paired with software that connects the pedal to the audio.

transcription headsets

Another important tool is the headset. A headset can help block out other noises around you so you can focus on the voices from the transcription audio. In addition, a text expander can help write common longer phrases to make you even more efficient.

If you feel that working at home is right for you, then transcription work may be the choice for your future.