Laundromats are profitable businesses, but there are ample ways to increase the cash flow coming through the doors at your facility if you are willing to think outside the box. Many people shy away from a simple laundromat that includes only washing machines and dryers and as result, they’re thriving. You can be the next. If earning more money at your laundromat is important, here are a few simple ways to achieve success.

Sell Laundry Products

Many people come unprepared to the laundromat. Make sure the items that are forgotten are available to purchase at your facility and rack up the money. Washing powder, stain removers, dryer sheets, liquid detergent, and bleach are a few of the items that you should certainly sell to make more money.

Promote Your Company

Don’t assume that people who need laundry will come. Advertise and promote your business as much as you possibly can. The more that you advertise, the more people will have a curiosity to check you out.

Laundry Services

People Sometimes don’t have the time to do their own laundry. Offer your services for a per pound fee and once again, you’ve found a great way to pocket the change!

Video Games

commercial laundry parts

Video games pass the time when the laundry is in the machine. It is easy to buy a couple of machines and rack in big bucks when customers entertain their boredom by playing a couple of games.


No laundromat is complete without drinks and snacks, so have machines available. Select a mixture of snacks and drinks, including chips, sodas, candy, juice, nuts, water, etc. so everyone can get exactly what they want.

Buy OEM Parts

When machines break down, do not purchase cheap aftermarket commercial laundry parts. Use OEM parts instead and reduce wear and tear, machine breakdown, and expense to maintain the machines. This might not actually bring in money, but certainly saves a bundle.